Dioptase gold ring

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This incredible one of a kind ring showcases the natural beauty of the dioptase crystal, displaying it like a treasure-trove bursting with intense color in the center. Mined from Kazakhstan, this fine quality dioptase exhibits an intense emerald-green with slight blue undertones, mesmerizing with its gorgeous presence.

This unique ring is made with hand-cut dimensional nugget chunks of rich yellow 14 gold generously set on the band, amplifying the Dioptase natural crystal structure.
Designed in a statement tapered horn shape, this dioptase 14k yellow gold ring is the ultimate presentation of wearable jewelry artistry.

14K gold ring with genuine dioptase crystals (original mining - Kazakhstan) code B-9750

stone measurements - 0.35 х 0.43 х 0.94 in / 9 х 11 х 24 mm

dioptase weight - 15 carat

ring size - 7.25 US 

ring weight - 22 grams

Lieferung weltweit von Berlin, Deutschland.

  • Metall: Gold

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