Big Aquamarine crystals silver pendant

4 500 €

Aquamarine is a stunning crystal, exhibiting a cool light blue hue reminiscent of the tropical islands sparkling seas. This gorgeous sterling silver pendant features uniquely shaped natural aquamarine crystals artfully set into a nugget-shaped capped top with a bright shiny finish. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March, making this collector’s crystal the ultimate gift to give to any loved one. 


Big sterling silver pendant with natural Aquamarine Crystals

aquamarine origin - Pakistan

aquamarine measurements - 0.63 х 1.06 х 1.85 in / 16 х 27 х 47 mm

aquamarine weight - 112.65 carats

pendant weight - 37.76 grams

pendant height - 2.76 in / 70 mm

ref No 4167

Lieferung weltweit von Berlin, Deutschland.

  • Metall: Silber

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