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Magical Ivy Forest Natural Neon Dark Opal Ring

Inspired by ethereal forests in a far-off world filled with magic and mystery, embrace the fine craftsmanship this unique ring has to offer with its ode to a hidden world of fantasy. Cascading ivy leaves featuring intriguing dimensions and color allows this custom made ring to envelop you with its remarkable design of fairytales from another realm. Showcase this statement ring featuring a natural neon dark opal tablet in the center securely nestled in a four prong setting covered in swirling ivy leaves. This opal displays a gorgeous play-of-color from all angles. This imaginative ring is 100% handmade in an artisan atelier, created with more than 120 hours of work, and fashioned to reflect the natural wonders of the trees in the deep forest with a rich blackened, patinated exterior. A smooth yellow gold-plated interior adds a two-tone touch of luxury. Enter our world of enchantment that awaits you with our Ivy Collection.

Blackened, patinated and gold plated silver ring with natural neon dark Opal

opal origin - Australia

weight of the ring - 19.55 grams

weight of the opal - 10.40 carats

size of the ring -  7.5 US / 17.75 RU

opal measurements -   0.51 x 0.63 in / 13 х 16 mm

ref.No 8397

Lieferung weltweit von Paris, Frankreich, Berlin, Deutschland, Moskau, Russland.

  • Metall: СереброЗолото

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